Your Family


Major presentation, end
of year targets, new
clients, new job. We all
know that feeling of more
to do and less time to do
it in...Why not try
B Record Plus™ ?
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Study and Exams

From professional qualifications,
degrees, City & Guilds to
GCSEs, you can prepare for
exams through a revision
plan but what are you doing
to prepare yourself? Why
not try B Record Plus™ ?
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Keeping fit is something we
all aim for but fitting it into
your busy schedule can
be a challenge. Not
everyone has time to go
to the gym regularly. Why
not try B Record Plus™ ?
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Recovering from an illness or
just feeling the effects of age.
How do you make the most
of your life, whether it’s new
hobbies, grandchildren or
just a more gentle life. Why
not try B Record Plus™ ?
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You may need help with your
energy levels at various stages in your life.
B Record Plus can help
sustain you and your family’s
energy and concentration when taken every day.

Why B Record Plus™?

B Record Plus™ is specially formulated with amino acids and vitamin B12. These important nutrients help your body produce energy to support you both physically and mentally.FAQ's>

See the effect

Enjoy one bottle of B Record Plus™ before breakfast every day. Enjoyed over two weeks or more, the special mix of micronutrients will provide nutrients to help support you and your family meet the demands of a busy life.

The red line shows how B Record Plus is used immediately and is sustained. There are no sudden drop offs. No highs and lows. Just constant nutrition support to help you work at your best.

The blue line shows how some products containing water-soluble ingredients such as caffeine are short-lived, as these are quickly washed out of the body.

Celebrity View

Graphic of Nell McAndrews jogging

Nell McAndrews
Nell's top tips on getting your energy back...

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How to take

Click here to watch a clip of how to take B Record Plus

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